Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment – Boost Your Immune System

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment is needed if you suffer from this disabling disorder which causes persistent tiredness and flu like symptoms. This condition also causes persistent exhaustion and effects mostly woman under 50 , but men can be diagnosed with this condition as well. Most CFS sufferers also experience problems such as allergies or auto immune disorders like lupus, which the immune system attacks healthy tissues within the body.

Many medical experts do not know what triggers this condition, many people who have been diagnosed with this condition remember having a flu like illness before getting sick, most of the symptoms of CFS do suggest a viral illness. The epstein-barr virus which causes glandular fever and candida the cause of yeast infections is suspected to be one of the causes. Other medical theories suggest that brain inflammation, low blood pressure or low levels of certain hormones can also be a cause as well. Continue reading Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment – Boost Your Immune System