Pau D ‘ Arco Tea Benefits

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Taking pau d ‘ arco tea regularly in your diet has many health benefits. So what exactly is the pau d ‘ arco herb? It is the inner bark of the taheebo tree which can be found in South America, New Zealand and also Australia. Native tribes of South America have used this herb in medicines as they contain healing properties. You will find that many remedies today contain pau d ‘ arco and it can be quite easy to find at any health food store.

There are many forms of pau d ‘ arco that you can buy today such as a tincture, tea, powder, tablet and also in a capsule. It is always important to check the amount of pau d ‘ arco in each product that you buy as some products actually mix other ingredients.

Health Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco Tea

This herb has been found to help get rid of bacterial and yeast infections in the body. Some of the illnesses that pau d ‘ arco may be able to help with are the flu, the cold, yeast infections as well as any form of cancer. This herb can also help to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body.

Using pau d ‘ arco regularly in your diet has been shown to cleanse the body more effectively and it doesn’t matter what form of herb that you take, just make sure that it contains lapachol which is commonly found in the taheebo bark.

It is also recommended that you take pau d ‘ arco tea with a meal and if you experience any stomach upset to stop immediately. As this is a herb, it can be quite strong to some individuals and you should firstly start at low dosages. When taking any herbal supplements, it is also important to discuss it with your family doctor first especially if you take prescribed medications.

If you suffer from regular vaginal yeast infections, pau d ‘ arco can be used as a douche. All you need to do is make pau d ‘ arco tea and let it cool before using. If you have any warts, using a tincture form of this herb is the best one to use. Apply the tincture to the wart before you go to bed until you see the wart fall off or disappear.

It is also important to be aware that there are certain people who should not take pau d ‘ arco tea such as:

  • Pregnant or breast feeding women
  • Individuals who take prescribed medications
  • Individuals who take any anticoagulant medications

So if you are looking for a natural and effective way to strengthen your immune system and get rid of bacterial infections in the body, it is recommended that you add pau d ‘ arco tea to your diet.

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