Siberian Ginseng Benefits

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There are many Siberian ginseng benefits that can help the body, it is a Chinese tonic that was rediscovered by the Russians after world war II and can help people manage stress better.It benefits the whole body, sharpening mental and physical performance while restoring vitality during illness or when you are over worked. Ginseng is a herb and is also called eleuthero and has been used in China for centuries to boost the body’s energy, prevent colds and flu and also to restore memory.

Supplements are usually made from the dried roots and studies have shown that in healthy people it can help you withstand physical stress, increase physical and mental performance and also boost the immune system.Other Siberian ginseng benefits is that it contains substances that are beneficial on the adrenals which are small glands found on top of the kidneys that release stress fighting hormones.

siberian ginseng benefits
siberian ginseng benefits

It can also raise your energy levels and enhance immunity to prevent you from getting sick. It has also been shown that this herb can protect you from physical stresses such as heat, cold and radiation. It also allows your mind to focus and enhances mental alertness. Because Siberian ginseng boosts the immune system and reduces the effects of stress it can be used to prevent chronic illnesses.Some of the major benefits is that it can be used as a general revitalizer for people who often get fatigued or lack concentration.

Because this herb boosts the immune system it is commonly used in nutritional support programs for people who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.I t is also been used for patients who suffer from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease to increase mental alertness.Other Siberian ginseng benefits is that it helps alter hormone levels and tones the uterus which plays a key role in treating symptoms of menopause and menstrual irregularities.

When taken between periods it can also prevent female infertility, the herb can also help men as well as a fertility aid. Commonly the chinese main use of Siberian ginseng was to suppress colds and flu. A study in Russia found that people who took this supplement in winter had 40% fewer respiratory tract infections. It can also be used to lower blood sugar and to treat certain heart conditions.Test tube studies have also been shown that it can protect us from certain types of cancers and boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.Siberian ginseng can be taken long term but it is a good idea to ask your doctor first as it may interfere with other medications.Avoid supplements that have high potency formulas that exceed the daily dosage of 900mg per day as this can cause insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and irritability.

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