Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot Treatment is needed if you have a fungal infection between the toes. This condition can cause scaling, itching and your skin may break causing pain. This well known condition is harmless but can be uncomfortable and can be helped by using different natural remedies that you can do at home. Athletes foot can also be called tinea pedis, a type of fungi causes the itch and they are plant like cells which are tiny that are found on the skin.

Under certain conditions the fungi can multiply out of control if not treated effectively. They tend to multiply in places that are damp and cramped such as in your socks and your shoes. For most people this condition will only effect the toes and for others in can effect the entire foot such as the sides of your feet, soles and even the toenails. The fungi that is responsible for this type of infection is called Trichophytons. Even though poorly air rated shoes and socks that are sweaty are a breeding ground for this infection it is not highly contagious, so walking around with no shoes on will not increase the chance of spreading the infection. Continue reading