Athletes Foot Treatment For Relief

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Athletes Foot Treatment
Athletes Foot Treatment

Athletes Foot Treatment is needed if you have a fungal infection between the toes. This condition can cause scaling, itching and your skin may break causing pain. This well known condition is harmless but can be uncomfortable and can be helped by using different natural remedies that you can do at home. Athletes foot can also be called tinea pedis, a type of fungi causes the itch and they are plant like cells which are tiny that are found on the skin.

Under certain conditions the fungi can multiply out of control if not treated effectively. They tend to multiply in places that are damp and cramped such as in your socks and your shoes. For most people this condition will only effect the toes and for others in can effect the entire foot such as the sides of your feet, soles and even the toenails. The fungi that is responsible for this type of infection is called Trichophytons. Even though poorly air rated shoes and socks that are sweaty are a breeding ground for this infection it is not highly contagious, so walking around with no shoes on will not increase the chance of spreading the infection.

A athletes foot treatment consists of taking supplements that can clear up a infection. If you go to see your doctor you will be prescribed anti fungal medications that is needed for chronic cases. These drugs are very expensive but they can also be effective as well. For conditions that are not that serious you can take supplements which is not expensive and they can also help clear up the infection.You should see all your symptoms disappear between 7-10 days.

Antioxidants such as Vitamin C can help boost your immune system, by taking this vitamin you can help your body fight the infection better. You can take it the same time you use any athletes foot treatment such as topical supplements which I will list below.Here are some symptoms that you may experience if you have athletes foot.

  • Your toenails look infected they will be crumby, thickened and discolored
  • Peeling and scaling between the toes, there also may be cracks between your toes in severe cases.
  • Painful and soft skin
  • On the soles or sides of your feet you may get scaling, blisters and itching

Here are some supplement recommendations for a athletes foot treatment.Use the first 2 supplements first and the other 2 can also be beneficial for this condition.

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  • Vitamin C – 1000 mg twice a day, to prevent recurrences you may need to take it long term, if you get diarrhoea reduce the dosage.
  • Tea Tree Oil – you can apply this to the effected area twice a day, do not drink the tea tree oil.
  • Garlic Oil – apply oil to effected areas twice a day, this can be used instead of tea tree oil if preferred.
  • Calendula – Apply lotion or cream to effected areas twice a day, use a cream that has at least 2% calendula. Be cautious if you are allergic to flowers.

Tea Tree Oil is a great anti fungal and athletes foot treatment that changes the chemical environment of your skin which prevents any fungi from growing.There are topical treatments that you can put on your skin, choose lotions and creams that have tea tree oil as there main ingredient. You can also make your own by putting 2 parts tea tree oil to 3 parts of almond oil. For a foot bath add 20 drops of tea tree oil to a tub of water and soak you feet for at least 15 minutes 2-3 times a day. After soaking dry your feet properly and add a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil to the effected areas. If the tea tree oil irritates your skin you can use the method below.

For this athletes foot treatment rub garlic oil into the effected areas. Garlic is a anti fungal that is natural and can help clear up the infection.You can also use garlic powder to dust your feet.Finally Calendula can be found at any health food store and is a daisy like flower which soothes the skin and relieves inflammation.

Here are some more tips to prevent any future infections.

  • Keep your feet dry and clean, to dry your feet use a hair dryer and set it to low. If you want to use a towel instead make sure to wash it after you use it.
  • Wear dry and clean socks. Do not wear the same shoes everyday and make sure to air out your shoes after every use.
  • Allow you feet to breathe and be barefoot as much as you can or wear sandals or shoes that are ventilated well.
  • You can apply over the counter anti fungal treatments but make sure they don’t contain cornflour as this can make you fungal infection grow.
  • To prevent future infections cut your nails straight across.

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