Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms : Natural Treatments

In this article I will outline what carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms that you should be aware of and what treatments are available. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also referred to as repetitive strain injuries, is a condition that happens because of repetitive movements. For example, if someone works in a restaurant, as a dishwasher, he or she might develop carpal tunnel after repeatedly using the sprayer on the dishwasher while rinsing dishes. Other kinds of jobs or tasks that might involve recurring actions are:

•Operating a chain saw or fork lift
•Using hand tools in repetitive motions

According to statistics, the types of work in which individuals missed lengthy periods away from work pursuant to developing this condition were typing, grocery scanning and/or holding particular tools for specific jobs, such as operating fork lifts. In 2002, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the longest period individuals were not able to work due to carpal tunnel was around twenty-three days.

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