Earache Home Remedy To Relieve Pain

An earache home remedy can help to relieve your symptoms. An earache can appear deep in the ear, as a middle ear infection or it can effect the outer ear canal. It mostly occurs in children but adults can get earaches too. In most cases a ache in the ear gets better on its own, but there are a few home remedies that can speed up healing. An earache is caused by inflammation, or swelling and infection in the outer ear canal. If there is a build up of fluids or pus it can cause pain and other symptoms.

Harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses are the main causes of this condition. Seasonal allergies and moisture that has been trapped in the ear are also known causes. Other causes include a punctured ear drum, exposure to chemicals, excessive wax in the ear and sudden changes in the air pressure.Symptoms of an earache or infection include:

  • Pain in the ear that is throbbing, pain in the ear if the lobe is pulled.
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Yellow, green or clear discharge from the ear
  • Itching or pressure in the ear

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