Grape Seed Extract Benefits

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Are you interested in finding out what are the grape seed extract benefits? This nutritional supplement has powerful anti oxidant properties that are stronger than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it is also a botanical that is great for the heart and cancer.It can also increase your well being and improve vascular health. This extract comes from tiny seeds of red grapes and is also a flavonoid and is commonly used in Europe as a natural treatment.

Plant substances that have potent anti oxidant properties can help protect the body cells from damage from free radicals. Grape seed extract has also a positive effect on blood vessels.

The active substances that are found in this extract are the same ingredients that is used in drugs most commonly prescribed for blood vessel disorders. It is also soluble in both water and oil which helps it penetrate through all types of cell membranes making it great for anti oxidant protection throughout the body.

grape seed extract benefits
grape seed extract benefits

The substances found in this extract can also penetrate the blood – brain barrier which is helpful in protecting the brain cells from damage from free radicals.

The major grape seed extract benefits is that it can reduce the risk of a heart attack as well as stroke. It can also help with blood flow and helps strengthen weak or fragile capillaries.

It can also help other conditions such as poor vascular functions, varicose veins, leg cramps, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet and diabetes.

Because this extract can help the tiniest blood vessels it can be used to increase circulation in the eye, it is often recommended to people who suffer from cataracts and to combat macular degeneration.

If you frequently sit in front of the computer all day this extract can also help you. Studies have shown that taking 300mg daily for 60 days can improve eyestrain and vision in people who constantly sit in front of a computer screen.Cancer patients can also take this nutritional supplement to help repair damaged cells to prevent more tumors from forming.

Other grape seed extract benefits is that it helps to preserve and renew the collagen in your skin, it can also be taken to help connective tissue disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In Europe the extract is commonly found in cosmetic creams which can improve elasticity in the skin. If you suffer from allergies it can also be taken to help prevent the release of  histamine which can help control allergic reactions from hives and hay fever.

Grape seed oil also have positive health benefits too, a recent study found that if 2 tablespoons is added to your food daily it can increase HDL good cholesterol by 14% within 4 weeks.You can use it to replace other oils in your diet by adding it to salads and cooking with it.As you can see these grape seed extract benefits can help general well being and certain health conditions.

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