First Aid For Cuts – Remedies To Prevent Infection

First aid for cuts are needed as wounds that are neglected and not cared for can become serious, to speed healing and to prevent infection there are some natural remedies, hygiene and first aid tips that you should know about. Cuts and scrapes involve the breakage of the productive layer of the skins surface. There are also many supplements that can help with healing, many of them are topical which can reduce or even eliminate pain, prevent infection, enhance healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

Topical supplements should only be used for minor scrapes or cuts. Wounds that do not close or show signs of infection should be treated by a medical professional. It is important that you clean the wound as soon as possible and to stop the bleeding. To help the cut heal you can apply lavender oil which can help kill any germs. Tea tree oil can be used to prevent infection and minimize scarring. Continue reading First Aid For Cuts – Remedies To Prevent Infection