First Aid For Cuts – Remedies To Prevent Infection

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First aid for cuts are needed as wounds that are neglected and not cared for can become serious, to speed healing and to prevent infection there are some natural remedies, hygiene and first aid tips that you should know about. Cuts and scrapes involve the breakage of the productive layer of the skins surface. There are also many supplements that can help with healing, many of them are topical which can reduce or even eliminate pain, prevent infection, enhance healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

Topical supplements should only be used for minor scrapes or cuts. Wounds that do not close or show signs of infection should be treated by a medical professional. It is important that you clean the wound as soon as possible and to stop the bleeding. To help the cut heal you can apply lavender oil which can help kill any germs. Tea tree oil can be used to prevent infection and minimize scarring.

first aid for cuts
first aid for cuts

Other first aid for cuts include a echinacea tincture or a comfrey ointment which can speed up healing. Echinacea should be diluted in water and applied straight away to fight off infections. Once you have cleaned and applied a tincture you can put a bandage on the wound. Make sure to change the bandage a few times per day and apply callendula cream or aloe vera gel to help reduce inflammation, speed healing and stop infection.

To help with healing and inflammation there are a few vitamin supplements that you can take orally. Taken for 5 days after your injury. Vitamins A and C can be taken to reduce inflammation and help with healing. You can also make a tea with echinacea and goldenseal which can reduce the risk of infection and boost your immune system.

Tips on first aid for cuts and what you should do after an injury:

  • Make sure to clean the skin around the cut or scrape thoroughly. If the injury is on your knee or finger or anywhere that dirt can get into it, bandage the wound. You do not need to take antibiotics unless you develop an infection.
  • Stop the bleeding as soon as possible and put pressure on the wound using a clean cloth or tissue. If it is a puncture wound let it bleed for a minute or two to help flush out any germs.
  • To help disinfect a wound add a few drops of tea tree oil in a bowl and use a clean cloth to swab the wound. To stop the bleeding hold it under running water for a few minutes. To prevent damage to the outer skin do not use hydrogen peroxide, this is an important first aid for cuts tip.
  • Aloe vera plants are very easy to grow and they are handy for minor cuts and scrapes. To get the gel break off one of the leaves and cut it length wise which should enable you to get the gel.

If you get any of the symptoms below go see your doctor for medical attention:

  • If you have a puncture wound or cut and have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years go see your doctor.
  • If the cut cannot close.
  • If the wound is dirty and it cannot be cleaned out properly.
  • If the bleeding cannot be stopped or blood spurts out from the wound.
  • If you are experiencing signs of infection, this can be pus in the wound, redness and inflammation, fever or unusual discharge.

First aid for cuts should be applied as soon as possible as it can help prevent infection.

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  • June 28, 2011 at 5:24 am

    Aloe vera really is great for minor cuts/scrapes! The gel from the cut stem of the plant dries to form a protective layer on the skin’s surface, preventing any dirt or bacteria from entering. Aloe contains a concentrated mix of enzymes, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and compounds that boost the immune system and speed healing. I found some good information on how to grow and use aloe at home at my website.


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