Best Home Remedy For Nail Fungus : Quick And Easy Tips

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Nail Fungus is a common condition that can effect anyone. They can also spread from one nail to the other and it is important that you apply treatment to those nails that are effected. A Home Remedy For Nail Fungus is an effective way to treat this type of infection and also uses no chemicals in this kind of treatment.

There are different types of symptoms that you might get regarding nail fungus such as:

  • Thick or brittle nails
  • When your nails break easily
  • When the nails become brown or yellow
  • Nails begin to crumble and break off

The main cause of nail fungus is when too much warmth,heat and moisture are exposed to the nail and also yeast infections can cause the nail to separate from the nail bed.

It is important that if you have nail fungus located on your feet, to wear shoes that allow ventilation. Wearing socks that are too tight especially in hot weather can cause a nail fungus infection.

Keep reading to find out how to treat your nail fungus forever

What Is The Best Home Remedy For Nail Fungus?

Home Remedy For Nail FungusA home remedy to get rid of your nail fungus is an effective way to get your healthy nails back and get rid of the fungus in your nails.

There are also ways that you can prevent from getting a nail fungus infection such as:

  • When wearing socks, try to find socks that are in cotton
  • After a shower or bath, dry your feet properly before putting on any socks or footwear
  • Wear shoes that allow ventilation
  • Nail polish and also artificial nails can sometimes cause nail fungus to occur
  • When you are in public areas, such as the gym or your local pool, always wear foot wear, especially if you use the showers

Top Home Remedies For Toe Nail Fungus

Natural remedies for nail fungus that can be applied to your infection is apple cider vinegar. This is one of the most effective treatments and I think everyone should have a bottle to spare in their home.

Get a bucket and dilute 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water, then you can soak your nails into the solution. The acid in the apple cider vinegar will kill the fungus. You can then repeat until you see an improvement in your nails.

Tea Tree Oil is also another home remedy for toe nail fungus as it has natural antibacterial properties, just dilute the tea tree oil with some water and soak the infected nail, this method also kills the fungus.

By adding some olive oil to the solution it will also prevent your nails from breaking and cracking, making them stronger.

Olive leaf extract is one of my favorites especially when it comes to getting rid of fungus especially in the nails.

Apply olive leaf extract in liquid form to the nails many times through out the day. You can use a cotton ball or simply use your hands to rub the liquid into your nails.

Turmeric also contains powerful anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which is great to get rid of nail fungus naturally.

Simply make a paste of 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with a little water and apply it to your affected nail. Allow it to soak in for at least 20 minutes.

Coconut oil is a powerful and natural anti fungal that can get rid of your nail fungus. Just rub it in with your fingers through out the day as well.

Simple Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

A natural product that you might want to try is Zetaclear which contains all natural ingredients and is easy to use. By applying 2 drop of zetaclear on the effected nail twice a day, you will see an improvement in your nails and also kill the fungus.

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