Nail Fungus Remedies That Can Treat The Infection

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Are you suffering from a nail fungus infection? Then you will know that it can be very embarrassing and it can also spread to other nails if you do not take action quickly.  Nail fungus is a condition where there is an infection in the nail. The part of the nail that gets mostly affected is called the Keratin and bacteria can eat away parts of this area of the nail. There are many Nail Fungus Remedies that can actually kill this bacteria and stop it from damaging your nail/s any further.

Nail fungus often occurs in damp areas and climates. If you wear socks or stockings a lot, you may get this infection more often. It is important to air out your feet as much as you can and minimize the chances of getting bacteria under the nails. If the infection is left untreated it can cause a lot of pain and sometimes you can even lose the nail, so it is important that you start treatment straight away.

Symptoms Of Nail Fungus

There are signs that you can look out for that may tell you that you have a nail fungus infection. It is important to look out for these signs because you will not always get pain when you have a nail infection. The signs to look out for are:

  • Brittle Nails
  • Yellow or Brown Nails
  • Pain In The Nails
  • Nail Separates From Nail  Bed
  • Flaky Nails

Nail Fungus Remedies To Try

As mentioned above, there are many nail fungus remedies that you can try, which are very effective in killing the infection in the nail and stop it spreading. All these remedies contain natural ingredients and can easily be done at home.

Tea Tree Oil: This oil is from the Australian tree Melaleuca Alternifolia and can be found in New South Wales. Tea tree oil is very effective in killing fungus. Soak some oil on a cotton wool and dab it around the infected nail and also under the nail if possible. This must be done 2 – 3 times a day until the infection has cleared up.

Nail Fungus RemediesVick’s Vaporub – This is a cough suppressant but it is also very effective in removing nail fungus. This is one of the most effective nail fungus remedies today, but you have to be aware that it is a slow process and must be applied everyday to see the results. All you need to do is rub it into the nail and also in the edges of the nail. The ingredients of Vick’s Vaporub are Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar– This vinegar is also very effective,safe and cheap home remedy. You will need to apply it 3 times a day until you see the infection has cleared up. Wipe some of the vinegar on your nails and you can also soak your feet in the vinegar for about 15 – 20 minutes. This is best done after a shower or bath.

To successfully remove nail fungus completely , it is important that you use these nail fungus remedies every day until your infection has been killed. It may take a few months before you see your healthy nails back again. As long as you stay on this treatment , you should see great results. If you are looking for a more natural approach to kill this infection, you may want to try Claripro which can effectively remove the yellow keratin part of the nail and is also very easy to apply.

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