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Are you looking for a home remedy for tinnitus? Do you have constant ringing in the ears? There are many treatments available that are effective and safe. There are many causes of tinnitus and it can really effect our daily life and also cause some hearing loss. There are different sounds that you may hear such as ringing, humming, buzzing and also whistling.

It is important that you get treatment for this condition straight away as it can get worse if left untreated. As I stated above, there are many causes of why you may be getting ringing in the ears, and some of these are:

Symptoms Of Ringing In The Ears

  • Being around loud noises such as loud machinery or if you work in a factory/listening to your music too high
  • Ear Wax that is blocked within the ear canal
  • Stress can sometimes cause it
  • Certain medications
  • Age related hearing loss

One of the most effective treatments to get help for tinnitus is following a few home remedies that are not too expensive and will not take too much of your time. The first thing that you should look at is your diet and exercise. If you have bad circulation through out the body it can cause ringing in the ears to occur. Having a balanced diet with daily exercise will help reduce your symptoms.

Some of the exercises that you can try are yoga, Pilate’s and also meditation. This will release any pressure or anxiety that you may be feeling and also help with any stress issues that you may have also.

Vitamin Supplements For Tinnitus

Taking vitamins and minerals every day is also a very effective home remedy for ringing in the ears. To help with circulation in your body, take vitamins daily such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Zinc

Home Remedy For Tinnitus

home remedy for tinnitusHerbal ingredients can also help with any symptoms of tinnitus. Herbal remedies for tinnitus can also be easily be done at home.

They are more often used as they have no side effects and are also the most safest type of treatments for this type of condition.

You can easily find herbal ingredients at your natural foods pharmacy or store. Here are a few natural home remedy tips that you may want to try:

Sesame Seeds

They have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. They are effective in treating tinnitus, vertigo and also blurred vision.

You can easily add sesame seeds to your meals. If you have access to tahini that can also be used.

If you do not know what tahini is , it resembles a lot like peanut butter and is also made from sesame.

Ginkgo Biloba

Taking Ginkgo extract daily will help with symptoms of tinnitus, memory loss and also poor circulation in the body. This may not be effective for everyone so you will need to try it for at least a few weeks to see if they help any of your symptoms.


Many mineral deficiencies such as zinc can often cause ringing in the ears and hearing loss. By eating spinach and other foods that contain zinc such as papaya, brussel sprouts, prunes and cucumbers they will help with your symptoms.

Fenugreek Seeds

Drinking Fenugreek tea daily can also help if you have very loud ringing in the ears. It can be taken up to 3 times per day.

Passion Flower

Use Passion Flower regularly to improve circulation in the body.

It is always important that you listen to your body and in most cases there are always multiple causes why you may be getting tinnitus. Try each one of these home remedy for tinnitus and I wish you all the best in treating this condition.

How To Relieve Ringing In The Ears

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Can Acupuncture Help With Tinnitus?

Studies have shown that acupuncture is highly effective in treating tinnitus. It works by addressing the root cause and healing the body within.

Combined with a treatment of vitamin supplements is also recommended as tinnitus can be caused by nutritional deficiencies.

The results vary from person to person, depending on how advanced your condition is. As tinnitus comes from many different causes it is important to find out the root cause from your doctor.

An all natural homeopathic formula that can reduce ringing in the ears is called Tinnitus Control. By simply spraying the liquid formula under your tongue 2 or 3 times per day as well as taking 2 capsules, you can get fast results you are looking for and it is also 100% natural and safe.

I hope my article on home remedy for tinnitus has given you some helpful ideas on ways to reduce and stop your ringing in your ears.

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