Natural Cold Sore Remedies That Work

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Are you looking for the best natural cold sore remedies that work? There are many people who get infected with the virus that causes lip blisters which can be painful and unsightly.

There are many natural methods to help clear it up including immune boosters, anti oxidants and the amino acid lysine which can inhibit the virus and heal the skin which is inflamed.

So what are cold sores? It is a condition that causes fluid filled blisters which commonly appears above the lips, but they can also appear on the inner cheeks in your mouth, on your gums, the area around the nostrils and also on the roof of your mouth.

The cold sore virus can also be spread by touch to the nose, genitals and mucous membranes of the eyes. Commonly cold sores which are also called fever blisters break and then form a scab and then disappear within 7 to 10 days.

This condition is caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, not to be confused with the simplex type 2 virus which causes genital herpes which can only be transmitted through sexual contact.

If you are looking for the best natural cold sore remedy tips, keep reading below.


Natural Cold Sore Remedies That Work

Because the virus can stay dormant within the nerve cells new sores can re appear as frequently as every few weeks or every few years.They usually appear when your immune system is low by a viral infection or fever.

Cold sores can also be triggered by menstruation, fatigue, stress or exposure to wind and sun. There are a few cold sore home remedies that can help, vitamin supplements can help minimize an outbreak and also speed up healing. As soon as you see the first sign of a cold sore take these supplements and you should see an improvement within 2-3 days.

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What Are The Best Natural Cold Sore Remedies That Work?

The most useful is the amino acid lysine which can be taken orally to suppress the growth of the virus, you can also get it in cream form which you can apply on your sore. It is safe to use for long term treatment and also may help prevent more from appearing.

Lemon balm can also be applied to your sore 2-4 times per day on the first hint of tingling. Vitamin C and flavonoids can also help as well as they eliminate free radicals and they also boost virus fighting immune system cells.

Other natural cold sore remedies that work include taking vitamin A and selenium which have anti oxidant properties. Flax seed Oil can also be taken to help with the healing process and promotes cell renewal.

You can also find Vitamin A in a topical form and apply it to your sores, for flare ups you can take echinacea and goldenseal which are natural antibiotics and antivirals.

To find out more about Vitamin A health benefits, click here.

To prevent cold sores take 500mg of lysine per day with meals, if you are going to take this long term an amino acid complex is recommended to balance the mix of amino acids.

Natural Cold Sore Remedies That Work

Check out this video on more natural remedies to get rid of cold sores.

More Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cold Sore Fast

More cold sore home remedies that can help:

  • When out in the sun apply sunscreen to your lips to prevent recurrences.
  • To reduce stress try meditation, yoga and other forms of relaxation.
  • Do not touch your blisters, this can spread the virus. Do not share personal items such as towels,drinking glasses,razors or toothbrushes.
  • Stay away from foods that contain the amino acid arginine such as whole grain cereals, chocolate, nuts and gelatin.
  • If applied early 1-2 drops of licorice extract can prevent a cold sore from developing. You can also apply it to a sore to speed up healing and reduce pain.

These are the best natural cold sore remedies that work for many people who suffer from this condition. If you have any other remedies that have worked for you, please comment below.

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