Ringworm Treatment For Kids That Work

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In this article I will be writing about ringworm treatment for kids and how to successfully minimize your symptoms. This is a very common problem which can occur in both adults, children and family pets, it is also highly contagious and it is said that 20% of the population will get ringworm. This condition is not causes by any worm but a type of fungi that can be found on your hair, skin and nails.

The fungi feeds on the keratin on your skin and hair and can spread more during summer rather than winter. The first symptom you may experience are itching, if possible try not to let your child scratch the area as this can spread the infection. If you notice a rash that that is ring shaped and red around the edges than this is a sign that you could have a ringworm infection.

You can also get this infection on your feet which causes a lot of itching and is known as Athlete’s foot and it can also spread to your nails causing them to become very dry and in some cases your toenail can fall off. If you find that you child is scratching a lot cover the area with a bandage to help stop the spread of infection, you can also wash the rash with a anti fungal soap which can also help further itching.

Ringworm Treatment For Kids

At first your rash will look like a mosquito bite or pimple and then as the infection grows you will see the the ring form, in some cases you may see a yellow crust form over the rash. If treated early you can cure it simply by using some natural home remedies or by going to your doctor and getting some anti fungal cream.

Natural Ringworm Treatment For Kids That Are Effective

Here are some natural remedies for ringworm that you can do from home for your kids, a natural alternative is always much better as conventional treatments can be expensive and they are also toxic and cause unwanted side effects.

For children it is always recommended to use safer methods as much as possible. Goldenseal root tea is a well known remedy for this condition, use one teaspoon and steep it in boiling water. Once it has cooled apply this water to the infected areas, you can also use Shea butter soap to clean the area.

Tea tree oil is also very effective as it is an anti fungal and can help clear up the infection, dilute the oil with jojoba oil. Any other natural anti fungal can be used, other examples include oil of oregano or extra virgin coconut oil. Also your health and immune system is also very important as well, a fungal infection can survive and thrive in an acidic environment. So avoid acidic foods such as dairy and sugar as this will feed the fungus.

To boost your immune system have a diet rich in fresh meats and vegetables, take a multi-vitamin supplement and also a probiotic and enzymes to build up good bacteria in your gut which can help fight a fungal infection. Avoid taking any antibiotics if possible as this will weaken your immune system even further and apply anti fungals to the skin.

Effective Coconut Oil Ringworm Treatment

Coconut oil has been found to be an effective treatment for ringworm and can help relieve your symptoms very quickly. By applying coconut oil to the skin, you will see less redness to the skin and eventually get rid of this infection.

It is important to apply the coconut oil to the effected area at least once per day to see the best results. It is also best to use unrefined organic coconut oil if you suffer from sensitive skin.

For an effective ringworm treatment for kids is to treat the infection quickly and apply natural treatments to the affected area. If symptoms persist, please consult your family doctor.


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