Effective Bad Breath Remedies

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Getting bad breath is not only embarrassing but is also a very common problem today. There are so many causes why this may happen and by following some Bad Breath Remedies, which can be done at home everyday will help with any bad breath issues. By making simple changes to your daily life such as your diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference in treating this type of condition.

Lifestyle changes such as doing daily exercise can really help with this condition. Having an active lifestyle will ensure that you are removing toxins from the body and also drinking enough of filtered fresh water daily to help you hydrated your body. Doing exercise 4 – 5 days per week for at least 45 minutes is a great start to better health.


Bad Breath RemediesThere can be many causes why bad breath occurs, some of these are:

  • Sinus Infections – Getting throat or sinus infections can cause this to happen
  • Tobacco Use – Smoking cigarettes or cigars regularly will cause this condition
  • Alcohol – Drinking too much of any type of alcohol can lead to bad digestion, which will cause bad breath
  • Stress – Too much stress can interrupt your digestive system and cause this condition to happen
  • Heavy Dieting
  • Dehydration – If you are not drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water per day , it can cause bad breath
  • Certain Types Of Food – Any dairy product such as milk can cause this condition, so stop eating dairy produce and see if it helps or not.
  • Dental Cavities – Not looking after your teeth can cause cavities, which can really give you bad breath.

As you can see there are many causes, but simple changes can be made such as following a few bad breath remedies daily, and you should see an improvement over time.

Firstly you should think about how good is your oral hygiene. Go and see your family doctor every 6 months for a check up and get a clean and any cavities that you might have filled up. This will ensure that there is no extra bacteria which can cause bad breath.

Try using a mouthwash that contains zinc ions. It is very effective in removing bad breath from the tongue and can be found at most health food stores. Also after you gargle, try using a tongue scraper, which will remove food particles and bacteria. Nowadays there are some tooth brushes that have a tongue scraper on the back, but you can also buy them individually.

Chewing on certain herbs can freshen your breath also and can be a temporary fix on any bad breath. Herbs such as rosemary,spearmint or parsley can be used and is perfect for any bad breath remedies you might want to try at home.

Watching your diet very closely is also important, as certain foods can cause bad breath to occur. Eating too much acidic foods can cause bacteria in the body to grow and cause bad digestion. Try not to eat too much meat as you may not be digesting your food as fast as you should.

Also eating food that contains too much sugar can cause bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. It is also important to reduce the amount of coffee or tea that we drink on a daily basis as caffeine is very acidic. Try reducing the amount you drink and see if you see any improvements.

Having a vitamin or mineral deficiency can also cause this condition to happen. Supplements that you could try to take more of are vitamin C which can get rid of toxins in the body, Vitamin B should be taken after every meal and also zinc should be taken regularly as well.

To improve your digestive system you must have enough good bacteria in the gut. By regularly eating yogurt that contain live cultures such as acidophilus can help balance out the good bacteria in the body and are the best bad breath remedies that work.

Constipation is also a common problem when it comes to having this condition. If you do not regularly have bowel movements every day it can lead to many health problems as well. Eating plenty of fiber every day will ensure that you are removing waste out of your body quickly.

By following a few of these bad breath remedies you should see an improvement in a few days to a few weeks. If you still haven’t found a effective remedy that works for you, go see your family doctor and discuss it with them as their could be other health problems that you are not aware of. You also might want to check out The Bad Breath Report which have more tips on other bad breath remedies that can be done to fix this problem.

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