Gout Natural Remedies – How To Reduce The Pain Naturally

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Gout natural remedies have been used successfully to reduce pain and swelling, there are many causes of this type of condition and should be treated quickly to help relieve any pain. Gout is a condition caused by increased level of uric acid in the body, that leads to inflammation, heat, swelling and intense pain in the joints. It is usually caused when uric acid crystals get deposited onto the cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues of the feet, ankles, knees, hands and wrist, thus affecting these parts. During a gout attack the patient usually experiences pain in the joints with a mild fever. There is usually inflammation of tissues around the joints causing swelling of the skin, tenderness and soreness in the areas surrounding the joints. Individuals may be unable to sleep due to intense pain, which may be caused if the blanket comes in contact with the inflamed area. Self-care can play a vital role in treating gout.

Remedies for gout play a vital role in healing and providing relief from the pain and swelling of the joints. If you experience severe pain, it is recommended that the patient seek bed rest and place the effected joint on an elevation. Ice packs or compressed water packs are useful in treating gout and to get relief temporarily. Natural gout treatments includes:

Cherry: This is a great natural remedy for gout. Consume fifteen to twenty cherries per day irrespective whether they are sweet or sour. They can be eaten directly or blended with water to make juice. Cherries helps in decreasing uric acid levels to a greater extent, while also containing a great antioxidant called anthocyanin which helps in relieving inflammation and also reducing the frequency of a gout attacks.

Vegetable juices: vegetable juices are very effective in treating any attacks. You can make a juice using carrot, cucumber and beetroot. Mix an equal quantity of beetroot and cucumber juice with double amount of carrot juice and have at least two times a day.

French beans: French bean juice is recommended to the patient suffering from gout .Consume at least 150ml of this juice daily will help any individuals suffering from this condition.

Gout Natural RemediesApples and bananas: The malic acid content in the apples helps to get relief and it is always said an apple a day keeps a doctor away , have one apple after every meal.Bananas are beneficial for treating gout as well, have at least eight to nine small bananas per day, and follow this routine for the next five days.

Charcoal: This is a natural product which is highly effective, make charcoal powder and mix with water. This remedy is beneficial for foot gout and you should take this solution and dip your foot in the solution for about half an hour or an hour.  Let the feet soak and after a few treatments pain should minimize or go away entirely.

Lime: The citric acid in the lime is a good solvent of uric acid which serves as a key source of gout. Mix lime juice with water and drink it twice a day and keep yourself free from this condition. Vitamin c helps in reducing uric acid level as well, it also strengthens the connective tissues of joints, thus reducing the pain. But people with kidney disease should consult doctor before taking vitamin c.

Herbs: Several herbs such as devil’s claw root, white willow bark, ginger root and meadowsweet flower tops and leaves help in treating gout. These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving pain.
Safflower: Safflower has a property which helps in improving circulation and cleansing the blood .It is consumed in the form of capsules for speeding the healing process of gout.

Mustard: mix one portion of whole wheat powder with one portion of mustard powder and apply onto the affected area and leave this mixture overnight. This would help in getting fast relief from gout.

Ginger: Grind ginger with water and apply to the affected area for fast relief from gout pain.  . However you should wash off the ginger paste as it might cause skin irritation when it dries up.

Agrimony: It is a plant that helps to treat wounds and is a anti-inflammatory that is recommended for a gout cure.
Chamomile tea: It cures stomach complaints, aids digestion and helps the stomach to digest proteins so that uric acid is dissolved and is not deposited on joints.

Pineapple: Contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps in digestion of proteins .Consumption of pineapple helps in decreasing the inflammation of joints caused by gout.

Besides this treatment a healthy diet and little bit of exercise can keep your bones fit and decrease the risk of a gout attack. Try these natural remedies for gout and get a quick relief from the pain without consulting a doctor. To learn more about other natural remedies for gout, check out Freedom From Gout and find out how easy it is to get relief from pain and swelling.

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